An Introduction to Notcoin

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2 min readJun 4, 2024

Notcoin (NOT) is a gaming crypto within the Telegram-based TON blockchain system, designed to merge entertainment with financial technology. Launched officially in early 2024, Notcoin has positioned itself as a gateway to digital assets, allowing users to mine tokens by interacting with a virtual coin in the Telegram app. This gamified approach quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of users and creating a vibrant community. This article will explain what Notcoin is, how it works, and its future potential.

What is Notcoin (NOT)?

Notcoin was introduced by Open Builders, a company focused on launching fast-growing viral social games. To earn notcoins, players can simply tap on a virtual coin. This pay-to-earn approach promotes social interaction through team play, inviting friends, and participating in community events, making it easy for anyone to accumulate tokens quickly. Features like boosts, power-ups, leaderboards, and quests further enhance the gaming experience, providing more rewards and encouraging engagement.

What makes Notcoin stand out is the fact it integrates with the TON blockchain, which ensures fast, safe, and reliable transactions. In other words, payers can have fun and earn rewards while their investments are secured with blockchain technology.

Overview of the Notcoin Token Distribution:

The total supply of Notcoin (NOT) is 102.7 billion tokens. Of this, 78% (about 80 billion tokens) are awarded to early miners and voucher holders. This ensures that the community holds a large portion of the tokens. The remaining 22% is allocated to new buyers, club members, and future participants. This strategy aims to keep the network decentralized and community-driven. Upon launch, a conversion ratio of 1,000:1 will be used, meaning every 1,000 in-game Notcoins will convert to 1 NOT token.

Incentives and Staking Opportunities

Notcoin will offer staking opportunities and additional incentives after launch. Users can earn tokens by participating in integrated external projects. The platform will also incentivize users for adding value and combat bot activity to maintain a healthy community. Additionally, the introduction of staking mechanisms will allow users to earn interest on their NOT tokens, fostering greater financial commitment and value.


In conclusion, Notcoin has quickly become a gateway to digital assets, attracting millions of users with its engaging tap-to-earn game. Its innovative blend of gaming and blockchain technology, along with its active community and solid infrastructure, positions it for a promising future in the GameFi sector. By providing a fun and rewarding experience, Notcoin is set to continue growing and enhancing its impact in the digital asset sector.



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