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4 min readJun 11, 2024


The Term Structure Kudos Program is now live! It rewards users for their engagement with the protocol, offering kudos for lending, borrowing, and trading. Kudos measure each user’s contribution to the ecosystem’s growth, with additional incentives like referral bonuses and an initial boost for early participants.

How to Earn Kudos

Users can earn kudos by performing any of the following actions. As we continue to roll out more features, there could be new ways of earning kudos in the future.

Making Deposits

A 1x deposit multiplier will be applied daily and distributed hourly. This means that for every token equivalent to 1 US dollar deposited, you will earn equal points. For instance, if you deposit 1 bitcoin worth 64,000 USD, you’ll receive 64,000 points. Since token prices change constantly, points will be updated hourly.

Primary Markets:

Lending: Earn six kudos daily for each dollar value of the tokens you lend. The formula: Lending Amount in USD (at the time the order is matched) * Number of Days from Order Matched to Bond Maturity* 6x Multiplier

Borrowing: It uses a similar formula but boosts your kudos with a 3x multiplier. The formula: Borrowing Amount in USD (at the time the order is matched) * Number of Days from Order Matched to Bond Maturity* 3x Multiplier.

wstETH and weETH Kudos Calculation: Earn 3 kudos for every dollar of wstETH and weETH used as collateral. The formula: Collateral Amount in USD (at the time the order is matched) * 3x Multiplier. Note that the number of days from order matched to bond maturity doesn’t apply to these two tokens.

Note: The number of days between the order match date and the maturity date is rounded down to the nearest whole day if the time difference is less than a full day. For example, suppose an order was matched on 2024–06–05 at 10:04:00 and the maturity date is 2024–06–28 at 08:00:00. Since the total time difference is less than 23 full days, the duration is counted as 22 days.

Secondary Markets:

Trading activities, whether buying or selling, earn you 1 kudos for every tToken traded, multiplied by a 0.5x multiplier. Kudos will be given after the order shows “completed.”

Referral Bonuses:

Earn 500 kudos by using referral codes You can also earn 10% of the kudos from the people you refer throughout the campaign. For example, A recommends B. Let’s suppose B’s score increases every day. Now, 10% of B’s daily score increase is added to A’s score. This process continues until the Kudos program ends.

There’s no limit to how many times you can use your referral code, so feel free to share it with as many people as you like!

OG Boost:

Enhance your initial earnings with a 2x multiplier during the initial stage of the campaign (Date: now to July 31, 2024).

Gas Reimbursement

We will now provide gas fee reimbursement equivalent to 1,000 USD. This offer is valid until the $1,000 is fully used up or until July 31st, whichever comes first. Please note that there will be one reimbursement per address.

View the Leaderboard and Rankings

Please visit https://leaderboard.ts.finance to check the leaderboard for real-time rankings, updated hourly. Users can view their ranking, total kudos earned, and referral links by connecting their wallets.



Let’s say you want to make a profit with 0.1 in wBTC. Your order is matched during the OG Boost Period with a 3-month maturity. The BTC price at the moment your order is matched is $64,000.

Total Kudos: (64,000*0.1*90 days*6x Multiplier)*2x OG Boost. You earn 6,912,000kudos.


You sense a BTC dump coming and decide to hedge your position. With USDT as collateral, you borrow 0.1 wBTC during the OG Boost Period with a 3-month maturity. The BTC price at the moment your order is matched is $64,000.

Total Kudos: (64,000*0.1*90 days*3x Multiplier)*2x OG Boost. You earn 3,456,000 kudos.


If you expect an increase in BTC price but cannot secure an order at your desired rate on the primary market, you might purchase tTokens in the secondary market instead. Each token you acquire will count as 0.5 kudos, regardless of the underlying asset’s type or its maturity date. However, this does not include wstETH and weETH tokens.

Lend, borrow, or trade with Term Structure NOW and rack up Kudos for future surprises! 🔥



Term Structure

The Term Structure team is dedicated to creating a term structure of interest rates as a fundamental infrastructure in DeFi.